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Our Ultimate Goal is Transformed Lives for Christ.

We realize that transformation takes place by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the local church and local Christians. Our programming is focused on providing pastors and churches the resources needed to be a growing, vibrant church bringing transformation to the lives they touch. 

Our Projects

Pastors Motorbikes

The purpose of this project is to provide dependable transportation to pastors, enabling them to expand their ministry. For less than $2,000, a new motorbike can be purchased, thus allowing pastors to no longer have to depend on walking, a bicycle, or ineffective public transportation.

Mission Trips

BGNi mobilizes short-term mission trips to support local churches in their evangelism efforts.  The central focus of our trips is conducting “Health Promotion Days”.


In order to decrease dependency on outside resources, BGNi provides funding for development projects. In the locations where we work, most churches struggle financially to meet their needs.  Our development projects are designed to help churches and pastors provide for themselves.

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes in places where we currently serve, we partner with local churches to provide needed assistance.  From super-typhoons to massive fires, we have assisted in meeting needs in the name of Jesus.

BGNI exists to transform lives for Christ among the unreached through effective evangelism, discipleship, and community development efforts

Upcoming Mission Trips

Thailand Myanmar March 16 – 31, 2018

Our team is partnering with local pastors to provide health teaching and free medical care but more importantly, bring the good news of Jesus to a land desperate for the hope and forgiveness that comes only from Jesus.  As part of our new Pastors Leadership...

Honduras May 21 – 28, 2018

  The focus of this trip is leading “Health Promotion Days”. In the morning the team will lead health lessons appropriate for Honduras. In the afternoon a more traditional medical camp with hands-on medical care will be held. Other planned activities include visiting...

Philippines July 16 – 30, 2018

The purpose of this trip is to evaluate potential development projects such as a chicken farm and piggery.  These projects are needed to assist pastors and churches in breaking the cycle of dependence on outside resources.  Seminars will be held for pastors and other...

India October 18 – November 1, 2018

  Only 2% of India’s population is Christian.  Radical Hindus frequently persecute Christians.  Many people are interested in accepting Christ but are fearful of the repercussions. Therefore, the focus of going to India is to encourage local Christians.  This...

Ghana September 1 – 15, 2018

  We are excited about our first trip to Africa!  The team will be visiting various ministries in Ghana to evaluate possible partnerships and projects.  While in Africa, the team will also conduct Health Promotion Days and leadership training for local pastors. ...

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